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10KW and 20KW Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

Laser cutting machine manufacturers leading by RAYTU Laser, under the traction of the huge China manufacturing market, took the lead in developing 10KW and 20KW laser cutting equipment, which has a very positive significance for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. In the early years, the laser cutting machine was monopolized by import products with much too high price and unsatisfying after sale services. Although the performance of imported laser cutting machine was excellent, its contribution to the overall development of the manufacturing industry was limited due to the high cost. The emergence of Made in China broke this situation: with much lower pricing and in-time after-sales service of the market, many small and medium processing households can afford to purchase the laser equipment. The advantages of laser processing have been verified and attracted more users to purchase laser cutting machines, which has promoted the continuous and rapid growth of China's laser cutting machine market at a double-digit rate each year, and directly promoted China to become the world's largest application of laser technology. 

In this rapid growth process, we found an indisputable fact: the market share of domestic brands has increased rapidly, and the market share of imported equipment has been declining. The domestic laser cutting machine market, which was monopolized by imported brands more than ten years ago, is now monopolized by joint ventures and domestically produced equipment. This is not only because of the lower price of domestic equipment, but more importantly, the changes brought about by factors such as the rapid progress in quality and performance of domestic products, the increase in R&D investment and the improvement of service concepts. 

Looking at the current industry development status, the demand of 10,000 watt and 20000 watt laser cutting machine is increasing remarkably. Although some people in the industry believe that 6kW can meet the needs of most metal cutting, the efficiency improvement and function extension brought by 10000 watt cannot be ignored. The 10-20kW laser cutting machine mentioned above was first launched in 2019 and has grown amidst market doubts and wait-and-see. RAYTU laser, which was the first to seize this opportunity, has now become the largest player in the 20,000 watt market, and its products have been recognized by customers. In fact, the current 20KW defects on the user site have been experienced in the initial market of 15kW, 12kW, 8kW, 6kW and even 3kW, and outstanding manufacturing companies like Raytu have also improved their problem-solving capabilities. The equipment can fully meet the long-term stable production needs of customers and greatly improve customers' production efficiency and product quality. 

One year after RAYTU laser launched 20KW, it did not continue to produce new products, but was polishing technology and process. On the one hand, the process continues to improve, and the problem of excessively large cutting cones and flaws in the cutting edge of thick carbon steel has been solved. At present, the upper and lower surface tapers of 40mm carbon steel using the new process are only 0.2mm; in addition, we are researching on realizing multiple functions of the high-power 10000-watt laser cutting machine, partially replacing drilling machines, punching machines, milling machines, and plasma cutting equipment. On the other hand, RAYTU Laser is also actively developing new solutions for the problems of functional components, and it is expected to bring new breakthroughs next year.