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All you need know about Max laser source

On September 27th, the 15th Shenzhen International Laser and Intelligent Equipment, Optoelectronic Technology Expo opened grandly at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. MAX Laser participated in the exhibition as scheduled and shined during the exhibition.

On the day of the launch, after many guests learned about the development of MAX laser companies and MAX laser source products, they affirmed the contribution of MAX Laser to the development of the domestic laser industry and encouraged MAX Laser to vigorously improve the level of domestic laser source technology and contribute to the development of China’s manufacturing industry. 

At the same time, the "LMN2021 World Laser Manufacturing Conference" organized by the exhibition organizer also kicked off on September 27. The conference aims to gather industry experts to discuss the development trend of the global laser source industry. At the opening ceremony, MAX Laser was awarded the "Industry-University-Research Cooperation Unit" by Shenzhen Manufacturing Laser Technology Research Institute, which fully affirmed the R&D strength of Max laser technology.

As a technologically innovative enterprise, technological innovation is inseparable from the support of talents. For this reason, MAX Laser has vigorously introduced talents in professional fields, expert senior technical personnel, and established a high-quality, technically sophisticated, innovative and capable R&D team, and through employee shareholding platforms, equity incentives, patent bonuses, etc. In this way, to stimulate the subjective initiative of R&D personnel, continue to output innovative technologies of laser sources, and create a strong core competitive advantage for the development of enterprises and the progress of national intelligent manufacturing.

At the "Red Light Award" 2021 China Laser Industry Innovation Contribution Award Ceremony held at the same time as the exhibition, MAX Laser's 12000W single-module continuous fiber laser sourcewon the "Fiber Laser Innovation Contribution Award" and once again demonstrated Max Laser's 10,000-watt technology The level of strength.

The Red Light Award was established to encourage the development of China's laser industry, promote laser technology to a higher level, and better participate in international competition. The selection activity lasted for nearly 6 months and went through multiple links such as online voting and expert review. The expert jury is composed of 25 authoritative experts led by Academician Fan Dianyuan of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and selects the final high-quality enterprises from a fair and objective standpoint.

At the "2021 New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing and High Energy Laser Technology Conference" held at the same place of the exhibition, Mr. Tan Jianjun from New Energy Industry of Max Laser Industry Development Division gave a keynote speech on "Laser Helps Lithium Battery Improve Quality and Efficiency". As a new type of clean energy, lithium batteries are not only used in new energy vehicles, but also in electric bicycles, golf course vehicles and some 3C products. Because of its high efficiency, precision, flexibility, reliability and stability, low welding material loss, automation and high degree of safety, laser technology is widely used in the cutting, cleaning, welding and coding processes of power lithium battery parts processing, which can effectively improve lithium Battery production efficiency and product quality.

Lithium batteries are the key to the development of the new energy industry, and the development of new energy, the realization of energy transformation, the reduction of fossil energy consumption, and the construction of a green and low-carbon energy system are one of the important measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and achieve global carbon neutrality. On September 22, 2020, the Chinese government proposed at the 75th UN General Assembly: “China will increase its nationally determined contributions, adopt more powerful policies and measures, and strive to reach the peak of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, and strive for 2060. To achieve carbon neutrality years ago."

Intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of building the core competitiveness of China's manufacturing, and it is also the fundamental way to promote China's transformation from an industrial power to an industrial power. In the future international competition, Chinese manufacturing will no longer win with "low price", but with "high quality" to win the market. Therefore, Max laser source must improve the technical level of intelligent manufacturing equipment, constantly break through the core technology of laser, an advanced manufacturing tool, and create a solid fortress of the core competitiveness of "Intelligent Manufacturing in China"!