Laser cutting machine has been favored by many industries since its birth. The application of cutting on copper materials is not as much as the cutting on stainless steel and carbon steel because copper is much softer than the two. In modern times, with the increase of laser power year by year, cutting copper is also very common now. Larger power fiber laser cutter is needed when cutting copper and special attention needs to be paid in the adjustment of cutting parameters. Let's take a look at how the metal laser cutting machine cut copper.

Copper is a kind of material which is difficult to deal with by metal laser cutting machine. Copper, aluminum, gold and silver are all high-reflective metal materials. The cutting of these materials has always been an important problem faced by laser equipment. Later, when people added auxiliary gas in cutting, the difficulty of cutting high-reflective metal materials was much reduced.

During the process of copper cutting, the cutting speed will increase under the high-temperature light beam with the help of auxiliary gas. When oxygen is used, it can play the role of combustion supporting and improve the cutting speed. When nitrogen is used, it is more to achieve better cutting effect. When cutting thinner copper, nitrogen is generally used to achieve the double benefits of effect and speed.

Therefore, when cutting copper materials, there is basically no need to worry about the impermeability of the cutting. When selecting auxiliary gas, it is better to choose nitrogen, and it is also possible to choose oxygen when the processing speed is desired and the plate is thick.

Therefore, cutting copper materials can be achieved. Friends who want to buy a metal laser cutting machine can buy with confidence, and pay attention to choosing the right power when buying.