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Fiber laser cutting machine for processing metal jewelry

Everyone knows that the production of jewelry is a delicate work. Think about jewelry, regardless of its size or weight, are relatively small and exquisite, especially some jewelry worn by women or some exquisite necklaces, and earrings, which are very delicate and very small. Is fiber laser cutting machine suitable for the production of small metal jewelry?

Although small and exquisite, they are not monotonous, and there are many patterns, even various carvings, patterns, and some also support customization, such as engraving some letters or names. For such fine jewelry, it is necessary to carry out fine production, often using machinery and equipment for jewelry production, as well as some tools, and it is also necessary to cut from the raw materials. Especially for some gold and silver jewelry, and even some diamonds, because the cost of raw materials is relatively high, and fine grinding and cutting are required, laser cutting machines are often used.

If it is only some traditional crafts, or other cutting equipment, it is often difficult to cut, and if there is a phenomenon of lag during the cutting process, it will often delay the efficiency of jewelry production, and some will damage the surface and raw materials of the jewelry. Especially the raw materials of some expensive jewelry, as long as a little is wasted or damaged, it is a great economic loss.

Therefore, the use of a laser cutting machine has a certain degree of correspondence, because this equipment has a particularly strong cutting ability and can perform fine cutting. Some jewelry needs to have some lines in the production process, and it is engraved and polished on a very small surface, which can be carried out very well with a laser cutting machine, and there is a cutting machine specially used for jewelry cutting. This kind of cutting machine is particularly suitable, the result is especially fine, small and exquisite, without traces, and does not damage the surface for cutting and engraving.