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How to improve the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine?

Everyone wants to improve the cutting quality after purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine, but if you want to fully and stably exert its power, you should have certain requirements on the working environment of the equipment. Because many workers will consider cost savings in the cutting process, and some even achieve the ultimate savings, such as adopting impure auxiliary gas, which leads to the problem of power attenuation. Sometimes when considering the profit, the issue of the thickness and output power that the fiber laser cutting machine can cut is ignored.

When using a fiber laser cutting machine, in order to achieve better cutting quality, the following points should be noted:

1 When the corners of thin steel plates are laser cut, overheating of the laser will produce melted corners, and the sharp corners are modified to the accepted R angle, so as to maintain high-speed laser cutting, achieve better cutting quality, and save cutting time.

2 Reasonably adjust the gap between the parts according to the thickness of the plate to prevent thermal influence and avoid damage to the parts.

3 In the process of cutting thicker plates, a transition line will be drawn at the start and end points of the cutting, which is called a lead line. It should be noted that the connection between the lead and the groove must adopt an arc transition.

4 For large quantities of graphics, co-edge cutting can be reasonably selected as far as possible. Combined cutting will greatly shorten the cutting time and save raw materials.

Maintenance at work is also very important, and the following points should be paid attention to:

1 Check some parameters of the machine every six months, such as: the straightness of the track, the verticality of the machine, if any abnormality is found, please carry out maintenance and debugging in time, otherwise it will affect the cutting effect.

2 Always check the exchange chain, motor and other mechanical parts to avoid malfunction and injury to others.

3 The machine tool needs to be used with a dust collector during use, and a dedicated person is required to perform maintenance and maintenance of the machine part on a regular basis.

4 In order to make the machine move better during operation and achieve better cutting results, regularly clean and lubricate the guide rail and motor, and clean the dust on the guide rail and motor. To protect the service life of the machine, the water tank should always clean the screen to ensure the cooling of the water tank.