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Is it a good idea to buy a used laser cutting machine if the budget is not enough?

Should you buy second-hand laser cutting equipment if the budget is not enough? Please pay attention to the following points:

1. The life of the fiber laser source is decreasing, the laser power is reduced, and the cutting efficiency is reduced for used laser cutter. The laser source is very expensive as one of the core components of the laser cutting machine. The laser source of a laser cutting machine that is used for a long time will slowly decay. If the laser cutting machine is used for a long time, the laser power may be weakened. The laser power decreases, the cutting thickness decreases, and the cutting speed decreases accordingly. The cost of replacing the laser source and the laser head is very high. If you have to buy used machine, you can look at the equipment purchase contract to see if it has been used for too long service time.

2. The functions of CNC machine tools are updated quickly, and the functions of second-hand laser equipment are outdated, which is not conducive to the fine processing of the later machine. But this factor will not have a great impact on users, and there is no problem if the equipment can cut normally.

3. After-sales service is also a big problem, and the original factory cannot be contacted in case of product failure. The warranty period of most second-hand laser cutting machines has expired. If there is a problem beyond the warranty period, the buyer generally cannot contact the original factory directly. The laser cutting machine manufacturers do not know that the equipment they sell has been transferred, and there is no way to provide accurate information for after-sales service judgment and maintenance. If you want to replace the parts, then the maintenance cost is very high, which is very unfavorable to the buyer.

4. Incomplete parts affect the cutting progress. When general customers purchase new equipment, the seller will deliver a large number of wearing parts and accessories, such as nozzles of different calibers, ceramic rings, protective lenses, etc. But if you buy a second-hand laser cutting machine directly, these accessories are generally not available, which also invisibly increases the cost of customers using a second-hand laser cutting machine.

However, used laser cutting machine exists for a reason. In short, users need to understand the condition of the equipment in detail according to their own needs to make the right choice. After all, the purchase of equipment is for the purpose of improving work efficiency and improving economic benefits. If you can’t use it after purchase, it’s really not worth the loss although the price of buying a second-hand laser cutting machine is low. If the new laser cuter cost slightly higher than used one, I would suggest you get the new one because you will get 24 hours technical support and 3 years quality assurance.