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Is your laser taking anti freezing measures when the winter turns cold?

Some customers say it is flying snowflakes in the local area. In order to better maintain the laser cutting machine and successfully complete the year-end production plan, laser antifreeze measures must be carried out.

Operating temperature of laser source

The working temperature of the laser source should be controlled at about 22 degrees centigrade, the low temperature of the water chiller should be set at 20-24 degrees centigrade, and the high temperature should be set at 28-30 degrees centigrade. The water chiller should run for more than 20 minutes to ensure that the actual temperature of the water chiller reaches the set temperature. Open the monitoring software to confirm that the temperature of the laser main control board and the module optical sensor is above 18 degrees before the laser emits light.

Basic principle of antifreeze

The cooling water has "freezing point". When the temperature of cooling water is lower than "freezing point", the volume expansion of cooling water when it solidifies will lead to the expansion and deformation of over-current components in the laser cooling system, such as cold water plate, water separator and other components, as well as the damage of optical components, resulting in the laser returning to the factory for maintenance. Therefore, the winter antifreeze protection measures of the laser source must be taken to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Antifreeze solutions

1) Keep the water chiller on.

The chiller can be kept running, and the low-temperature water and normal temperature water can be set at about 5 ℃ (to ensure that the cooling water is higher than the freezing point and save electric energy).

2) Drain out the cooling water from the machine.

Drain out the cooling water in the laser source and water chiller every time you're finished with the machine.

3) Replace the cooling water with antifreeze.

Antifreeze must be used when power failure occurs frequently or cooling water can not be drained after each use.

Selection of antifreeze

Please choose the antifreeze solution with suitable freezing point according to the local temperature. The choice of antifreeze is not that the lower the freezing point is, the better, but the antifreeze solution slightly lower than the local minimum temperature should be your choice.

Note: antifreeze can not completely replace demonized water. It is not recommended to use it for all year round. It is recommended to use deionized water or distilled water to clean the pipeline after winter goes, and return to use demonized water or distilled water as coolant.

If the laser is shut down for a long time or before the laser is transported, the cooling water in the equipment must be drained out, and the residual water in the equipment (including the laser and the water cooler) must be blown clean with compressed air to prevent the device from being damaged by internal icing.