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Maxphotonics laser: 12kW "three-in-one" integrated intelligent laser solution

In the past year, what excellent products and solutions have emerged in the laser industry? What companies have achieved impressive growth? Today, I would like to share with you the projects declared by Maxphotonics Laser Co., Ltd., and have an in-depth understanding of the company's advanced technology:

12kW "three-in-one" integrated intelligent laser solution

Product description:

The "three-in-one" integrated intelligent 10,000-watt laser cutting solution is an intelligent solution that integrates "10,000-watt laser + 10,000-watt system + 10,000-watt cutting head".


1. Faster speed and higher income: Compared with multi-mode 12Kw, the cutting speed is increased by 10%-91%;

2. Smaller size and more space saving: the size is reduced by 80%, saving the plant area, and can place beams to replace the large-format plasma market;

3. Stronger cutting performance of high-reflection materials: Compared with multi-mode 12kw, the cutting speed of red copper is increased by 50%-100%, and the perforation time is saved by half;

4. High efficiency and energy saving: the three-in-one integration is cheaper, the one-stop purchasing efficiency is high, and the electricity is 20% lower than that of competitors;

5. Better cutting quality and easier debugging: stainless steel cutting quality is better, and carbon steel debugging is easier;

6. EtherCAT bus communication: more stable operation and stronger anti-interference;

7. The third-generation algorithm: the operation is smoother and the graphics processing capability is more powerful;

8. The craft library is more diverse: the operation is simpler;

9. A variety of processing modes, more practical: Compared with competing products, the added functions: support secondary development, five-level perforation, and support EtherCAT bus;

10 One-click cutting: Based on the pain point that the parameters of 10,000 watts are difficult to adjust, Maxphotonics has carried out big data processing on the terminal processing technology based on the shipment of more than 1300 10000-watts, and comprehensively matched the parameters of different plates with different thicknesses, so that the customer can faced with various cutting needs, users can quickly achieve production and processing goals with one-click operation, reduce the processing pressure of front-line engineers and greatly improve efficiency.

Innovation and breakthrough:

Based on the precipitation of 10,000-watt technology, Maxphotonics has launched a single-module 12kw, equipped with its own 10,000-watt cutting head and system, which is the the world's first comprehensive laser solution in the processing field to deeply bind the performance of the laser to the cutting ability of the cutting head under the in-depth software development.

The purpose of the launch of the three-in-one is to promote faster processing efficiency, more stable hardware quality, simpler software operation, and more efficient after-sales service response.

Market outlook:

Maxphotonics is currently the third largest fiber laser manufacturer in China, with a market share of 16.6% in 2020.

In 2017, Maxphotonics high-power multi-mode 10000W was launched, marking the official entry of Maxphotonics laser product series into the era of 10,000-watt ultra-high power. Maxphotonics is deeply involved in the domestic ultra-high-power industrial laser field. In 2019, the first domestic 4kW single-module CW laser, the domestic first 25kw multi-mode CW laser in 2019, the domestic 5kw single-module CW laser in 2019, and the domestic first 5kw single-module CW laser in 2020. The first 6KW single-module CW laser in China, the first 20kW (100μm) multi-mode CW laser in China in 2020, the first 40kW multi-mode CW laser in China in 2020, and the first domestic EtherCAT bus laser in 2020. The new highs of ultra-high-power products in the industry also mean that technology has broken through new heights again and again, and it also shows Maxphotonics' firm determination as a pioneer of domestic ultra-high-power industrial lasers.