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Raycus: 100kw ultra-high power continuous fiber laser source

The 100kw ultra-high-power CW fiber laser source is the first domestic 100,000-class CW fiber laser source. More than 10 invention patents have been applied for product development, and a number of pioneering technologies have been developed. The product has advanced design and occupies a certain industry-leading position.

The laser source is jointly developed by Raycus Laser and the professional R&D team of South China University. The laser has developed and upgraded the transmission system, ultra-high-power beam combiner, intelligent control system, high-power optical module and overall structure, etc. The performance test and application research of the laser has been carried out on the customer's site, and the performance of the whole machine has been recognized by the customer.

The 100kw laser source can be widely used in welding, cutting, surface decontamination and other scenarios. It can be used for welding of pipelines in nuclear facilities, decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities in radiation environments, surface decontamination of nuclear-contaminated components, and vitrification of high-level waste liquids, etc. 

The 100kw ultra-high power laser source was jointly developed by Raycus Laser and the professional R&D team of the University of South China. The research and development took more than six months. The laser has been upgraded with core components such as R-QS output optical cable, ultra-high power beam combiner, intelligent control system and high-power optical module. It solves many technical bottlenecks, such as lossless high-quality fusion of output end cap and high-power laser energy transmission fiber, high-power fiber signal combiner, high-performance double clad transmission fiber design, taper pulling, efficient connection of control system and so on. It breaks the situation of foreign technology monopoly, greatly improving domestic large-scale equipment manufacturing level.

The R-QS output optical cable adopts the original optimized welding technology, output head cooling technology, armored tube active cooling technology and other technical means, so that the output head, end cap, optical fiber and other devices can withstand power exceeding 150kw, and the whole machine can emit light at full power for a long time. When the temperature of each component of the optical cable is normal, the performance is stable and reliable.

By analyzing the state of the transmission fiber under ultra-high power working conditions, a high-performance transmission fiber suitable for ultra-high power beam combiners is designed and developed. The device can withstand power and performance far beyond the design value.

Through the upgrade of core devices such as intelligent control system and high-power optical modules, the laser communication speed is faster, the anti-interference ability is stronger, the scalability is better, and the performance of the whole machine is more stable and reliable.

The 100kW ultra-high-power CW fiber laser is the first domestic 100,000-class fiber laser. The product has been put into the application research in the nuclear industry, breaking the technological monopoly of foreign related equipment.