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Raytu Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Raytu Laser single-platform open laser cutting machine is currently the most popular machine model in the laser industry. Its advantages are very practical, open worktable, very convenient for loading and unloading, real-time inspection of the cutting process, and the experience of engineers The requirements are not high, and complex installation and debugging are not required. In addition, the machine with a working area of 1500*3000mm is the most popular, because it is not only very convenient to transport, but also can meet the cutting area requirements of most customers.

Raytu Laser has been focusing on the research and development of CNC laser equipment for 11 years. It has China's top machine tool production equipment, excellent experience and debugging technology. As for hardware, our single-platform laser cutting machine is equipped with Swiss Raytools automatic laser cutting head, Japan's high-power Motor, French reducer and Taiwan Seiko-grade guide rail and rack, cutting accuracy is 0.05mm, in addition, the bed has undergone high temperature annealing at 800 degrees Celsius, sand blasting and rust removal and shot blasting, which effectively eliminates the internal force of the machine and improves the service life of the machine. 3-5 years, all parts of the whole machine meet the export standards of the European Union and the United States, providing authoritative guarantee for every customer who chooses Raytu Laser.