Raytu Vacuum Lifting Device

Size: 2000×1000mm
Sucker Diameter: Φ200mm
Sucker Number: 6~10
Safety Loading: 400Kg

Raytu Vacuum Lifting Device Description:

Vaccum lifting device also called vacuum suction crane system, it mainly uses the vacuum principle to absorb the workpiece, and then balance the gravity of the workpiece. The operator only needs to use the control handle to control the vacuum volume of the system, so that the operator can easily complete the complex processes of workpiece handling, turnover, assembly and so on without feeling the gravity of the workpiece. The vacuum lifting equipment greatly improves work efficiency and saves labor cost as well. Our customers are widely distributed in: mechanical processing, steel industry, chemical industry, glass industry, food industry, solar photovoltaic industry, pharmaceutical industry, wood products industry, aluminum products industry, plastic industry, home appliances industry, logistics and packaging industry, electronic products industry, etc.

Raytu Vacuum Lifting Device Features:

Suitable for insulating glass, laminated glass, glass edging machine, tempered glass, unit plate, glass deep processing, solar photovoltaic glass, etc. It can quickly handle the glass, improve the efficiency, protect the glass surface from scratches, and the efficiency and safety are far higher than traditional handling methods.

Suitable for large plate or pipe vacuum handling, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, it can easily handle heavy plate or pipe, all kinds of large vacuum suction crane, vacuum spreader.

Suitable for handling all kinds of irregular and air leaking plates. Because the sandwich plates are generally long, and there are shallow grooves in the middle, we design this type of vacuum handling equipment to solve this problem, which is not only efficient but also safe.

Suitable for handling all kinds of carbon bricks and marble. Due to the particularity of stone, rough surface and high temperature, our stone sucker uses sponge foam sucker and high temperature vacuum sucker to solve this problem, so that customers can feel relieved to use it for stone lifting.

Suitable for the vast majority of coil handling, steel coil, copper coil, aluminum coil, kraft paper coil and so on. Due to the special process and unique shape, the traditional handling method cannot meet the needs of customers. Coil vacuum sucker can quickly complete the vacuum handling work and solve most problems.

Raytu Vacuum Lifting Device Parameters:

Vacuum Lifter Parameters
Product & Model Size Sucker Diameter Sucker Number Safety Loading
HP-BS400-6S 2000×1000mm Φ200mm 6 400Kg
HP-BS600-8S 2000×1000mm Φ200mm 8 600Kg
HP-BS800-10S 2500×1000mm Φ200mm 10 800Kg
HP-BS1000-6S 2000×1000mm Φ300mm 6 1000Kg
HP-BS1500-8S 2000×1000mm Φ300mm 8 1500Kg
HP-BS2000-10S 2500×1000mm Φ300mm 10 2000Kg

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