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Secret of the optical path system of the 10kw laser cutting machine

In recent years, the popularity of 10,000 watt fiber laser cutting machines has continued to rise. With the rapid development of high-speed rail, shipbuilding, petrochemical, and aerospace industries, as well as continuous breakthroughs in laser cutting technology, high-power, large-format, high-speed cutting, and ultra-thick plate for cutting, bright surface cutting, and high incision perpendicularity have gradually become the development trend of 10,000-watt laser cutting machines.

The key to the 10,000 watt laser cutting machine is the word "10,000 watt". Its optical path system is mainly composed of a 10,000 watt laser, a transmission fiber, and a laser head. To make the 10,000-watt laser cutting machine have a stable cutting effect, it must first have a stable and powerful laser light source, which comes from a laser source.

The laser source of the 10kw laser cutting machine belong to the type of continuous lasers, and continuous lasers are divided into single-mode lasers and multi-mode lasers. Take a well-known domestic laser manufacturer as an example, its single-mode continuous laser power can reach 6000W, which is the highest level of output power that can be achieved by domestic single-mode continuous lasers. When there is only one pump module inside the laser, it is called a single-mode laser, which means that the 6000W indifferent continuous laser contains only one pump module.

Nowadays, ultra-high-power continuous lasers, especially 10,000-watt laser cutting machines, are equipped with domestic lasers that are multi-mode continuous lasers. Generally speaking, high-power multi-mode continuous lasers use a beam combiner to combine low-power single-mode continuous lasers (also It is a single pump module) coupled with a light source. For example, the multi-mode continuous laser of a 12000W laser cutting machine can be formed by coupling two 6000W pump modules. The fewer single pump modules used by a multi-module continuous laser, the higher the reliability, the more modules, the more complicated the circuit, and the higher the damage rate.

Compared with foreign high-power lasers, China 10,000-watt lasers are still dominated by multi-mode continuous, while foreign excellent high-power lasers have achieved a maximum single-mode output of 20 kW and a maximum multi-mode output of 500 kW. The level of power laser production technology needs to be improved.

Next, let's talk about why the laser beam emitted by the 10,000-watt laser can cut ultra-thick plates.

Let’s first talk about a point of knowledge. Single-mode lasers have small fiber core diameters, fine spots, and high concentrated energy. The core diameters of single-mode lasers are generally 50μm and 100μm as the standard, while 10,000-watt lasers use ultra-high power. The laser beam is output through a 100μm fiber core diameter, and the energy and power density of the laser beam can be imagined.

The relationship between the cutting effect of different materials and the laser power:

The characteristics of bright surface cutting: smooth cutting surface, small cutting surface taper, fast cutting speed, suitable for cutting complex graphics, no corner burn, there is a limit power (when the laser power does not reach the limit power, the higher the power, the higher the cutting effect (cutting speed) The better, but once the limit cutting power is exceeded, it is meaningless to increase the laser power).

Generally speaking, the beam quality of single-module CW lasers is better than that of multi-module CW lasers. Single-mode CW lasers have unique performance in cutting thin plates, but their ability to cut thick plates is not good; on the contrary, lasers with poor beam quality have performance in cutting thick plates better than lasers with good beam quality. Therefore, in order to make up for the insufficient performance of single-mode lasers in cutting thick plates, a technological innovation-flat-top ring light output is adopted to weaken the focus energy concentration and strengthen the halo energy. In this way, the 10,000-watt laser cutting machine coupled with a single-mode continuous laser has a better cutting effect and cutting speed in the cutting of ultra-thick plates.