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Wuhan: Group standards consolidate the foundation for the development and growth of the laser industry

It was learned on the 17th that Wuhan China Optics Valley Laser Processing Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance actively carried out industry benchmarking and improvement actions, promoted the industry to become bigger, stronger and better, and organized the formulation and implementation of eight advanced group standards including the "General Technical Specifications for Laser Cutting Machines" , and 15 enterprises were recognized as meeting the standard.

It is understood that "Wuhan·China Optics Valley" is an important laser industry gathering area in the country. There are more than 30 related enterprises, including about 20 above-standard enterprises.

The working environment temperature, positioning accuracy tolerance, working accuracy, verticality and other indicators in the group standard "General Technical Specifications for Laser Cutting Machines" are higher than relevant national and industry standards. It is precisely because of the leading and boosting role of advanced group standards that the overall standard level and innovation ability of the laser industry in Wuhan have been effectively improved.

The good foundation of group standard work has further improved the Wuhan laser industry's ability to speak for international and domestic standards. The member company Raycus led the formulation of the industry standard "Fiber Laser Source", and the product market share has increased significantly, gradually realizing the transformation of fiber lasers from relying on imports to independent research and development and limited exports; the alliance led the formulation of China's first laser in the category of lasers: "The international standard "Guidelines for Parameter Requirements and Test Methods of Fiber Lasers for Industrial Use", which significantly enhances the voice of Wuhan enterprises in formulating international technical rules such as basic terms, classifications, performance indicators and test methods in the fiber laser industry, and promotes products to the international market.