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You need cut Foil Metal, Sheet Metal or Plate Metal?

When I sell laser cutter I would usually ask the customer: what material you want to cut with laser cutting machine? They may answer foil steel, sheet steel or plate steel. I could not tell apart the three kinds of metal till I read this article. Now I know that the main difference between foil, sheet and plate metal is that they have different thickness and different uses depending on the weight and durability requirements. The thickest one is plate metal, the second sheet metal and the third foil sheet.

Metal foil is a very thin sheet of metal that has been hammered or rolled flat. Metal foils can be made from any type of metal, although the most commonly found foils are aluminum foil and gold foil. Aluminum foil typically has a thickness of .03mm, although any sheet of metal with a thickness of less than 0.2mm is considered a foil.

Sheet metal is any metal that is thicker than a foil and thinner than 6mm, the thickness of a metal plate. Sheet metal is often used for building structures that do not require durability. It is also often corrugated or diamond for additional strength without increasing weight. Corrugation is the creasing of the metal at regular intervals to form ridges, and diamond is the addition of diamond ridges that add structure to the metal.

Plate metal is any sheet of metal with a thickness of 6mm or more. Plate metal is used in applications where durability is more important than saving weight. It is used in automobiles where durability is required to pass crash testing.

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