Carbon steel

As a kind of high-quality alloy steel, carbon steel has been widely used in the daily life and applied to various industries due to its excellent texture. Carbon steel does not reflect light strongly and absorbs light beam well because the alloy contains carbon. Carbon steel is more suitable for laser cutting machine, and the processing effect is excellent. Not only the cutting edge is flat and smooth, the machine is also convenient, safe and cost-effective to use.

When you cut carbon steel, the laser source emitted by the laser irradiates the surface layer of carbon steel, and instantaneous high temperature is generated. Under the action of auxiliary gas, it quickly reacts with silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and other elements contained in carbon steel, oxidizes, melts and vaporizes them, and then it can penetrate carbon steel, and then the laser displacement is controlled by numerical control to achieve the purpose of cutting.

The following are the advantages of laser cutting machine for carbon steel: 

1.Lower maintenance cost: independent core light source, lower purchase and maintenance cost by up to 20%. 

2.Higher cost performance: high quality cutting technology, the same cutting efficiency and quality as imported laser. 

3.Faster cutting speed: cutting speed up to 120m / min. 

4.Better after-sales service: master the core technology, fast service, low service cost.

As an advanced laser equipment manufacturer in China, Raytu laser has been engaged in the field of laser cutting machine for carbon steel for many years, contributing a number of high-quality products to the metal processing market.

Here are some samples of carbon steel cut by Raytu laser cutting machine: the thickness (mm or inch) varies depending the watt of the machine.