Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting has many advantages. Advantages mainly include: higher cutting precision and accuracy, higher quality edge, narrower incision width, smaller heat affected zone, less material deformation, less material pollution and waste, lower maintenance and repair costs, and higher operator safety. Compared with the traditional cutting machine, laser cutting machine can deal with various designs with higher precision and precision. Because the laser cutting machine can be completely controlled by CNC. They can produce complex parts with high tolerance repeatedly and consistently. Laser cutting can also produce high quality cuts and edges, usually without further cleaning, processing or finishing, thus reducing the need for secondary processing.

The low heat input of laser cutting machine minimizes the heating area and reduces the degree of thermal deformation. The non-contact nature of the laser cutting process also reduces the risk of mechanical deformation. Especially for flexible or thin materials, and reduce the risk of material contamination. Due to tighter tolerances, narrower notch width, smaller heat affected zone and smaller material deformation. We can arrange the laser cutting parts more closely on the material. This compact design reduces the amount of material waste, thereby reducing material costs over time.