• Round & Square tube
    Round & Square tube
    Pipe laser cutting machine is a kind of high-tech product integrating numerical control technology, laser cutting technology and precision machinery, which uses laser technology to carry out graphic
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  • Galvanized sheet
    Galvanized sheet
    Galvanized steel sheet is widely applied in automobile manufacturing because of its feature of excellent corrosion resistance. It is also a conventional metal material in electrical appliance
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  • Brass
    High reflective metal materials have always been difficult to cut by laser cutting machine, including brass, copper, aluminum, gold and other metal materials. It is a big issue for laser cutting
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  • Aluminum
    Some customers wonder whether laser cutting machine can cut aluminum or not, the answer is definitely yes. In the processing of the cut, notice that aluminum is not resistant to high temperature,
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  • Stainless steel
    Stainless steel
    Stainless steel is the most commonly used material in modern society. Here are some examples that stainless steel may appear in our daily life: bowls and chopsticks, kitchenware, bathroom supplies,
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  • Carbon steel
    Carbon steel
    As a kind of high-quality alloy steel, carbon steel has been widely used in the daily life and applied to various industries due to its excellent texture. Carbon steel does not reflect light strongly
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  • Copper
    Laser cutting machine has been favored by many industries since its birth. The application of cutting on copper materials is not as much as the cutting on stainless steel and carbon steel because
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  • Marking
    The light scans the preset pattern and it comes out. This is laser marking, it is so magical. Laser marking is the most common equipment for the manufacturing industry. Do you know how the
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  • Application by industrial
    Application by industrial
    Industries:1. KitchenwareFiber laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting metal sheet, and the kerf is smooth without burr formation. Compared with traditional processing method which is low in
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