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Application of tube-sheet integrated laser cutting machine in ventilation duct industry

      With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for living comfort are getting higher and higher. Many newly built residential buildings and office buildings are equipped with ventilation ducts. The residential buildings are used for ventilation and smoke exhaust, and the office buildings are used for central air-conditioning systems. The ventilation duct industry has been booming in recent years.

      The traditional ventilation ducts are mostly completed by using a punching machine, together with polishing, shearing and bending, and other processes. This manufacturing process is low in efficiency, takes a long time for initial mold opening, and is high in cost. Under such an urgent need to change the condition, the plate-tube integrated fiber laser cutting machine appeared, which can be used for both plates and pipes. With the advantages of high cutting rate, high cutting quality and low cutting cost, many ventilation duct manufacturers have slowly replaced their traditional manufacturing and processing equipment.

      A customer from India bought Raytu's plate and tube integrated fiber laser cutting machine to occasionally use in the cutting process of ventilation pipes. The customer said that this two-in-one equipment met his cutting requirements for a large number of different materials, and the reason he chose Raytu is based on the advantages of cutting cost, efficiency and quality.

      Raytu's sheet and tube integrated fiber laser cutting machine adopts advanced technology in various industries in terms of software and hardware to ensure the overall quality of the equipment. The workbench adopts the configuration of fully automatic loading and unloading, which can automatically process all day long in one operation and save time. Three chucks are used for the cutting process to achieve zero tailing cutting and save material costs.

      In addition, Raytu is equipped with high-precision cutting head, which can auto-focus and has intelligent anti-shake function, ensures the cutting quality of the pipe during fast cutting, so that cutting efficiency and quality coexist. In addition to the above advantages, Raytu's purchase services include on-site installation training, two-year warranty for the whole machine, lifetime maintenance, system upgrades and other technical support. After a few days of use, the customer was very satisfied, saying that high-power fiber laser cutting machine to be purchased  in the future would also choose Raytu to further improve the production and processing efficiency.