Galvanized sheet

Galvanized steel sheet is widely applied in automobile manufacturing because of its feature of excellent corrosion resistance. It is also a conventional metal material in electrical appliance industry, filing cabinet, commodity and other industries. In order to ensure the precision and quality of product forming, laser cutting is the most common technology adopted in the blanking process of galvanized steel sheet. It is a kind of non-contact material processing means, so it will not damage the surface of the plate, and there will be no burr on the cutting section. It is a processing method that can greatly reduce the BEOL.

Alloy steel like galvanized steel has been recognized as a difficult material for laser cutting. As the development of fiber laser cutting machine, which has great advantages in cutting cost and maintenance, compared with plasma cutter, the cutting process on galvanized sheet is much more easily. All kinds of metal materials commonly used in industrial manufacturing system, such as copper, aluminum and the corresponding alloy sheet, no matter how hard it is, can be handeld perfectly by laser cutting machine. However, the relative cutting thickness will be reduced, because laser cutting uses high-density beam to heat up the metal, so the surface reflection of the plate will reduce the cutting effect to some extent.

In the process of cutting galvanized steel sheet, auxiliary gas needs to be added. The purity and pressure of auxiliary gas directly affect the quality of the kerf. The purity of oxygen used for cutting should be above 99.6%. The higher the purity of oxygen used for cutting, the higher the roughness and quality of galvanized sheet will be. If nitrogen is added as auxiliary gas, the purity should be more than 99.5%. To improve the purity of nitrogen can ensure that the color of cutting edge will not change during the process of cutting galvanized sheet.

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