Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine HW-Series

Model: Raytu
Origin: China
Photoelectric Conversion: >25%
Service Life Of Pump Source: >100000 hours


Raytu laser welding machine currently ranks among the top manufacturers in the world in the production and sales of laser welder equipment. With in-depth welding technology research and development and complete and mature supporting capabilities, Raytu provides suitable welding processing solutions for various industries both home and abroad. Laser welding solution is mainly aimed at welding thin-walled materials and precision parts, and can realize spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, sealing welding, etc. Using high-energy laser pulse to heat the material in certain area and the energy of laser radiation diffuses into the material through heat conduction, then the material will be melted to form a specific molten pool.


1. Higher processing efficiency: compared with argon arc welding, the efficiency is increased by more than 50%;

2. Better processing quality: the welding seam is smooth and even, and the protrusion is very small, without the need for polishing after welding;

3. Easier operation: The handheld head adopts ergonomic design, which is convenient to hold, light and easy to operate;

4. Abundant processing methods: pulse spot welding, continuous welding, quasi-continuous welding, etc. can be used according to processing needs;

5. Very low usage cost: ultra-high elector-optical conversion efficiency, saving a lot of electricity expenses for enterprises;

6. The equipment adopts integrated design, compact and beautiful structure, excellent beam quality, maintenance free, photoelectric conversion efficiency is more than 25%, and the service life of pump source is more than 100000 hours.

Raytu Laser Welder Parameters:

Machine Parameters
No. Items Parameter
1 Machine model RTHW-1000W
2 Max laser power 2000W
3 Laser source IPG/Raytcus/MAX
4 Beam quality 1.3m²
5 Laser wavelength 1080±5nm
6 Welding Thickness 0.5-3mm
7 Water chiller S & A
8 Power Consumption 5KW
9 Fiber optical length 10m
10 Warranty 2 years

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