Vacuum Lifting Equipment

Size: 2000×1000mm
Sucker Diameter: Φ200mm
Sucker Number: 6
Safety Loading: 400Kg


Raytu Vacuum lifter, also known as vacuum suction crane, is automatic equipment that is a fast, safe and convenient for moving glasses and metal sheet materials. Based on the principle of vacuum adsorption, a vacuum pump or a vacuum blower is used as a vacuum source to generate vacuum at the suction cup end, so as to firmly suck up various workpieces, and then the workpieces are transported to the designated position by a rotatable mechanical arm or crane. It's always your best solution to carry with vacuum lifting equipment because it is faster, more ergonomic and safer. Meanwhile it improves the staff’s motivation and production efficiency as well


1 widely used for non-destructive handling of various large panels and glass transition and glass curtain wall installation.

2 The large-capacity accumulator prevents the workpiece from remaining in the sucker position for5-30 minutes after the accidental power failure.

3 Vacuum leak alarm - ensure that the equipment works safely above the standard vacuum (80% or 90%)

4 Adopting high-strength wear-resistant acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber with long quality guarantee period for 18 months.

5 Sucker position can be adjusted to meet size changes of different plates.

6 Digital display vacuum pressure switch and battery charge indicator, which can monitor safe operation of equipment more clearly.

7 With vacuum pressure charging system, equipment can ensure the whole vacuum system within a relatively constant safe pressure value during transition.

Raytu Vacuum Lifter Parameters:

Vacuum Lifter Parameters
Product & Model Size Sucker Diameter Sucker Number Safety Loading
HP-BS400-6S 2000×1000mm Φ200mm 6 400Kg
HP-BS600-8S 2000×1000mm Φ200mm 8 600Kg
HP-BS800-10S 2500×1000mm Φ200mm 10 800Kg
HP-BS1000-6S 2000×1000mm Φ300mm 6 1000Kg
HP-BS1500-8S 2000×1000mm Φ300mm 8 1500Kg
HP-BS2000-10S 2500×1000mm Φ300mm 10 2000Kg

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