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All you need know about co2 laser cutter engraver

Co2 laser cutting machine is a high-tech design, which is made of high-quality, durable and reliable material and has no visible damage during operation. It cuts boards very simply, neatly and quickly. When choosing laser cutting machine for wood, you should give preference to more reliable solutions.


Due to the fact that the laser gun moves in space, its control requires special computer equipment. Computer equipment is needed in order to convert the laser dot into a laser beam that is able to cut the workpiece and give it the desired shape. This beam is usually on the carrier and penetrates the material being processed. Laser wood processing takes an average of 2 to 10 minutes (depending on the size of the tree and the thoroughness of the preparation).

The blanks prepared in this way are ground on special equipment, which allows you to get neat and clean surfaces.

By the way, in the process of processing, the blanks completely evaporate moisture, which protects the finished products from decay.

It is immediately clear that before taking on laser cutting, you need to install an accurate laser in the gun. And only then start working with the workpiece.

The acquisition of such a machine greatly simplifies the performance of many operations.


With this method of processing, a laser beam is used in the enterprise. It has great speed and is able to apply point edges. There are two types of laser engraving: circular and solid. In the first case, the master cuts the edge using a cutting wheel, but not in the second.

Machines that are designed for continuous laser marking have a large circular diameter and allow you to mark products with a large radius of action.

Engraving machines with ring cutting can work in a horizontal and vertical position. They differ from each other in the materials used.

Depending on the material on which the product is cut and its dimensions, laser engraving machines can be single-faced and double-faced.

Professional desktop laser engravers are used in printing houses, stamping, furniture production. In enterprises where waste-free printing is required, professional laser cutting machines are becoming relevant. Stamping technologies are in demand in the manufacture of parts in small-scale and piece production. In furniture factories, laser cutting is in demand when it is necessary to cut parts from solid wood or soft wood. Laser cutting does not require additional materials that are used in laser metal processing, it is focused on working with hard materials.