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All you need know about high-power fiber laser cutting machine

With the continuous development of heavy industry, fiber laser cutting technology has developed from thin plate cutting to thick plate and large-size cutting, and laser cutting has gradually entered the era of high power. Industrial manufacturing in the new era puts forward new requirements for sheet metal cutting accuracy, speed, and thickness, and the power that laser cutting machines can achieve is getting higher and higher. From the perspective of industrial development, high-power laser cutting machine is an inevitable product of a certain stage, and it is also the general trend of industry development.


In the field of sheet metal processing, the advantages of laser cutting machines are very prominent. Due to the advantages of high accuracy, fast speed, and good quality, they have gradually replaced traditional processing techniques and become the core equipment for sheet metal cutting. From the rise of laser cutting machines, to fiber laser cutting machines replacing YAG, CO2 and other machines, to the continuous introduction of high-power laser cutting machines, high-power equipment has become the general trend for cutting thick plates and cutting efficiency.

In recent years, high-power laser cutting machines have become a hot topic in the field of laser cutting, and many companies continue to introduce fiber laser cutting equipment above 10,000 watts. For the sheet metal processing industry, the birth of high-power cutting equipment has greatly improved the thickness and efficiency of sheet metal cutting. The emergence of this high-power cutting machine constantly breaks the limit of material cutting thickness. The resulting reduction in the price of processed thick plates has formed a good cycle and promoted the further expansion of laser cutting applications.

Introduction of high-power fiber laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machines can be divided into low power, medium power and high power according to power. For stainless steel and carbon steel with general thickness, a low-power laser cutting machine can perform satisfying cutting. For cutting thick plates and cutting efficiency, high-power laser cutting machines can be very well realized. Therefore, laser cutting machines with laser power above 10,000 watts are collectively referred to as high-power laser cutting machines.

Power specification of fiber laser

In view of the difference in the thickness of the laser cutting metal sheet, the selected fiber laser on the high-power cutting machine. The power specifications of the optical devices are also different. From the current development trend, in the metal processing market, various large and medium-sized enterprises are gradually upgrading to a variety of specifications.

Specifications of gas used

When the high-power laser cutting machine is working, in order to ensure the cutting accuracy, cutting speed, cutting section effect and many other advantages, the purity of the oxygen used is high, and the purity is generally required to be 99.99%.

Features of high-power laser cutting machine

High-speed cutting machine with high dynamic performance. The machine tool equipped with a 10,000-watt fiber laser adopts a new triangular structure beam, which features: The weight is reduced by 30%, and the dynamic performance is significantly improved. The maximum moving speed can reach 200m/min, and the dynamic response characteristic with an acceleration of 4g. The base has increased the weight by about 20%, changing the machine tool fixing method to eliminate the impact of high acceleration motion on the machine tool.

Brand new software system

The software and control system are like the brain and command center of the machine tool. In addition to the dividends brought by the hardware upgrade, the accuracy and efficiency of the machine tool operation are mainly due to the difference in the software and control system, and they often vary greatly.

Stable cutting at a speed of 100m/min can be realized

The response speed of the capacitive sensor is 3 times higher than that of the traditional cutting head. The Z-axis speed is improved, the operation is smooth without stopping, the cutting efficiency of the thin plate is increased by more than 30%, the efficiency of the leapfrog function is improved, and the acceleration adaptation function is improved. Improve the functions of rapid piercing and precise piercing, as well as remote diagnosis functions, and reserve an intelligent interface for realizing "Industry 4.0" functions.

Cutting head features

The high-power cutting head is the core component to ensure stable cutting under the condition of high-power continuous operation. It has the following characteristics: ①The high-power cutting head has a cooling system with better sealing and more cooling, and a wider range of applications. High temperature lenses. ②Affected by the high-power thermal lens effect, the cutting head will have the phenomenon of focus drift in the light beam under long-term work. In order to overcome the problem of focus drift, the high-power cutting head adopts a new air circuit design structure and replaces it with a new one. The structure of the nozzle to improve the cutting speed and cutting stability.

High power laser cutting ability

(1) The thickness of cutting thick plates is continuously increasing

At present, high-power laser cutting machines can cut aluminum alloy plates up to 40mm thick and stainless steel plates up to 130mm thick. With the continuous upgrade of high-power laser cutting machine technology, the thickness of cutting materials will continue to increase, and the price of processing thick plates will gradually Reduce and accelerate the application of high-power laser cutting machines in the field of thick plates.

(2) The efficiency of cutting medium and thin plates is doubled

When cutting stainless steel plates with a thickness of 3-10mm, the cutting speed of a 10 000W laser cutting machine is more than twice that of 6000W. The 10 000W laser cutting machine can achieve fast bright surface cutting of 18-20mm/s in the cutting application of carbon steel, which is twice the ordinary standard cutting speed. Compressed air or nitrogen can be used to cut carbon steel plates within 12mm, and the cutting efficiency is 6-7 times the speed of oxygen cutting carbon steel.

Bed features

(1) The equipment is equipped with super load-bearing mechanical structure

The high-power cutting machines are all equipped with cast iron bed, which adopts flake graphite cast iron with a minimum tensile strength of 200MPa to be integrally cast. The carbon content, compressive strength, vibration damping and wear resistance have been greatly improved.

(2) Characteristics of cast iron bed

The machine bed has good lubrication performance, corrosion resistance and dimensional stability, which reduces machining errors caused by machine bed vibration. Reduce the loss of equipment in use, increase the stability coefficient by more than 30%, improve the quality accuracy by more than 30%, and increase the life of the bed for more than 70 years.

Advantages of high-power laser cutting machine

(1) High speed

The laser cutting speed has exceeded 20m/min, the two-axis movement speed of the processing cutting machine can reach 250m/min, and the acceleration has reached about 10g during operation.

(2) High precision

About ϕ10mm small holes in a 1mm thick plate can be cut about 500 per minute. The error between these small holes during the cutting process is very small.

(3) Development towards thick plates

The power of the high-power laser cutting machine is gradually increasing, and the size of the thick plate to be cut is also increasing.

(4) Development towards large size

The processing size range of laser cutting technology is also increasing, and laser cutting technology has begun to develop in the direction of large size.

(5) Automatic unmanned

The automatic and unmanned laser cutting technology has the necessity and urgency of development. ① The application of computer network technology promotes the realization of automatic and unmanned laser cutting technology. ② The market's application demand for this technology is also increasing, prompting laser cutting technology to be fully automated and unmanned.

(6) Intelligent

Follow the pace of intelligent manufacturing in accordance with the technical requirements of Industry 4.0. Using accurate graphic recognition technology, simple operating procedures, and convenient human-machine intelligent interaction, the laser is combined with computer control, numerical control technology, optical system, high-precision and automatic positioning devices, etc., and the automatic nesting and cutting process database , Remote fault diagnosis, remote control, etc. are integrated to meet the needs of large-scale and complex parts processing.

Concluding remarks

(1) Development of high-power equipment

As a very ideal processing method in cutting processing, laser cutting represents the development direction of modern metal processing technology. The high-power laser cutting machine is currently engaged in key technology research and development in the fields of high speed, high precision, large format, three-dimensional cutting and special material cutting, so as to promote the development of high-power laser cutting technology to meet the growing market demand.

(2) Selection of high-power equipment

Some companies need to carefully consider when choosing high-power laser cutting equipment: In addition to cutting speed and accuracy, they must especially check the stability and consistency of full-power continuous cutting, the speed matching ability of the machine tool, and the advancement and accuracy of machine tool control. Life span etc. You cannot simply compare price factors like buying low-power laser cutting equipment. High power means high investment, and high investment contains high risks. When companies enter this high-return market, they must be aware of its risks.