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Influence of Laser Cutting Speed on Cutting Quality

How do laser cutting machine produce high quality cutting plate and pass some very harsh requirements? Let's talk about how to choose the most appropriate speed to cut high-quality materials in this article.

We all know that the power of the laser cutting machine will affect the speed of the laser equipment when cutting plate, and the cutting speed of the laser cutting machine will affect the cutting quality of the plate. Under certain laser power conditions, there is an optimal cutting speed range. If the speed is too fast or too slow, it will affect the flatness of the cutting material surface.

The cutting speed is too fast:

1. The laser beam and the material contact each other for a short time, which may lead to failure to cut and produce sparks.

2. Some areas can be cut, but some areas cannot be cut.

3. Make the whole cutting part layered.

4. The plate can not be cut in time, and the cutting section shows a diagonal stripe Road, resulting in melting point.

Cutting speed is too slow:

1. The increase of interaction time between material and laser results in excessive melting of cutting plate and rough cutting part.

2. The gap will be widened accordingly, resulting in excessive combustion on the smaller circle or sharp corner, and the ideal cutting effect cannot be obtained.

3. Low cutting efficiency affects the production capacity.

Judgment method of cutting speed:

1. Reasonable cutting speed: the cutting spark spreads from top to bottom, the cutting surface is stable, and there is no slag at the bottom.

2. The cutting speed is too fast: the cutting spark is inclined;

3. The cutting speed is too slow: there is no diffusion and few cutting sparks, which will condense together.