CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Application: Laser Marking
Working Accuracy: 0.01mm
Weight (KG): 65KG
Laser Type: CO2


Raytu CO2 laser marking machine is kind of gas laser marking machines that are most widely used types of laser markers. The machine is based on carbon dioxide gas mixture with a mid-infrared band wavelength of 10.6μm, which has relatively high power and high electro-optic conversion efficiency. It is mainly used for non-mental and some metal materials such as wood, stones, leather, cloth, bamboo, ABS, glass, paper. The applicable industries include food packaging, beverage packing, pharmaceutical packaging, building ceramics, clothing accessories, leather, buttons, fabric cutting, craft gifts, rubber products, stone, electronic components, mobile phone shell, notebook and flat shell, stripping, film cutting, backlight dot, PCB bar code, shell name plate, etc.


Stable Performance and Long Service Life

Raytu CO2 laser marking machine use brand co2 gas laser tube, beam focusing optical system and high-speed galvanometer scanner. The overall marking performance is stable and the service life is long and maintenance-free.

High Efficiency, High Speed, High Reliability

The marking effect and speed of CO2 laser marker can satisfy the mass production demands of factory and it can also meet the customer requirements of high efficiency, high speed and high reliability. The marking machine can be used as stand-alone machine and can also be integrated on the assembly line.

User-friendly Marking Control Software

The marking control software of the machine is based on the vector graphics marking software system. It supports background software of AutoCAD and Photoshop, which is not only powerful but also easy to master. Features like automatic coding, USB interface output control, printing of QR code, bar code, serial number are also supported.

Fast Processing of Popular Materials

With the high quality optical scanning galvanometer, high laser repetition frequency and high speed without distortion, the marking processing is 2-3 times faster than that of the traditional marking machine.

Raytu CO2 Laser Marking Machine Parameters:

item value
Application Laser Marking
Working Accuracy 0.01mm
Graphic Format Supported AI, PLT, DXF, BMP, Dst, Dwg, LAS, DXP
Laser Type CO2
Condition New
CNC or Not yes
Cooling Mode Air Cooling
Control Software EZcad
Place of Origin China
Brand Name RAYTU
Certification ce, ISO
Laser Source Brand MAX
Control System Brand BJJCZ
Weight (KG) 65KG
Key Selling Points Low Noise Level

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