MOPA Laser Marking Machine

Model: Raytu
Origin: China
Pulse Width: 1-400ns
Repetition Rate: 1-2MHz


Raytu MOPA laser marking machine use pulse-width adjustable technology compared with traditional laser marker that use acousto-optic Q-switching technology. The main characteristic of MOPA laser source is that the pulse width and repetition rate can be adjusted independently. The pulse waveform can be flexibly modulated by electrical signals. The pulse width adjustment range is generally 1-400ns, and the repetition rate adjustment range is 1-2MHz. With a peak power output of tens of KW, it has obvious advantages in applications such as fine marking, alumina blackening, stainless steel coloring and other fields. To black out the word “Raytu Laser Mark”, it takes 16 seconds to use the traditional optical fiber laser marking machine and 3 seconds to use the MOPA optical fiber laser marking machine, which shortens the time by 13 seconds. It is necessary to use a MOPA fiber laser marking machine to make color on stainless steel because it is impossible to do the job by traditional marking methods.


1.    Small pulse width, small heat residue, no deformation of the substrate, fine and bright white shading

2.    Through wide-area parameter settings, different degrees of gray and black processing can be performed

3.    By adjusting the pulse width, frequency, power and so on, a variety of color effects can be combined

4.    Easy to clean, clear edge contour, better light transmission, high efficiency

5.    No hand feeling, not easy to turn yellow, fine processing

6.    The carving depth is relatively weak, but the shading is fine and the taper is small, so it can be brightened

7.    Small pulse width, small thermal effect, clean tin free, small linewidth, fine resistance regulation

8.    With small pulse width and medium frequency, the bar code is clearer, not easy to remove and easy to scan

Raytu MOPA laser marker parameters:

Model RTM-20W RTM-30W RTM-50W RTM-70W RTM-100W RTM-120W
Average Output Power 20W 30W 50W 70W 100W 120W
Linear Speed ≤8000mm/s
Marking Area 70×70mm 110×110mm 150x150mm 200x200mm 300x300mm
Min Character Height 0.2mm
Marking Depth ≤1mm(depending on materials)
Min Linear Width 0.06mm
Power stability <3%rms
Wave length 1064nm
Power Supply AC 220V 50KHz
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