RT-3IN1 Laser Welding Cleaning Cutting Machine

Machine model: RT-HW
Laser Source: Raycus/JPT/MAX
Working Voltage: 220V
Max Laser Power: 3000W

Laser welding machine with 3 in 1 function. Laser welding, laser cutting, and laser cleaning in 1 compact device. Laser welding has many advantages over conventional welding techniques – the experts know it and have been using it for a long time. Now all the benefits of laser welding directly in your hands. 

All functionality in 1 machine

laser welding : faster, cleaner, cheaper, very small HAF (heat affected zone), no warping, stronger connections.

laser cutting : Not plasma cutting, but laser cutting! Fast and accurate handheld metal cutting without burrs with a very small HAF

laser cleaning : remove rust, grease, scale and other contaminants in seconds. Even in hard-to-reach places.

laser welding machine

As a laser cleaner, it is a very green cleaning method. It does not require the use of any chemicals or cleaning solutions. The waste after cleaning is a solid powder.

laser cleaning machine

As a laser welding machine, the weld seam is smooth and beautiful; no need to polish, no deformation or welding scars, and the weld is firm. Save time and improve efficiency.

laser cutting machine handheld

As a portable laser cutting machine, it is very easy to operate and can cut various types of metals. The portable laser gun is easy to carry and features a simple handheld configuration. There is a touch screen on it. Also, it is easy to switch the parameters with the touch screen and simplify the operation during the work.

laser source raycus

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